Antiques have been fascinating to Leah ever since she was a little girl staring into her grandmother’s china cabinet.  Her dream was always to own her own antique store and that dream became a reality when the old train depot came up for sale in Paxton, NE.  She began by gutting the entire building and then bringing it back to life.  She did everything she could to salvage as much of the original architecture as possible.  The business continues to grow and includes a furniture building with antique dressers, tables, and even handmade items.

Leah has a wonderful gift for seeing potential in restoring historic pieces of the town. In September 2016, she saved of the original town grain elevator built in 1920 from being torn down. She moved the elevator across the railroad tracks and it now sits just south of Anne Marie’s.  The elevator is now known as The Grainery. which is a coffee shop, ice cream shop, and eatery. 

In the backyard of Anne Marie’s sits a 20 acre Aronia Berry farm also owned by Leah. 

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